Geo Max
Enjoy solid erections on demand and increase your penis size by up to 6cm. Guaranteed.

Scientific confirmation that GeoMax® is the catalyst for guaranteed erections and increased penis size

The careful process of DNA extraction from the Geoduck mollusc is crucial for supreme quality and performance of GeoMax®. The original source of Geoduck MUST be completely organic and NOT one that has been farmed or 'manufactured', non-naturally sourced Geoduck.

Subsequent analysis of DNA depends entirely on the quality of Geoduck. Optimised genomic DNA extraction (the genetic coding of the target organism) in organic Geoduck is crucial.

Several aspects such as mollusc physiology and quantity of mollusc tissue – that is, the size of Geoduck – can affect the quality and yield of the mollusc genomic DNA extraction procedure. To put it simply, we only use the DNA of extremely large, mature Geoduck hyperphisia gland to transpose the sexual stimulant into the formula we've created for GeoMax®

The most problematic part of our research was finding a way to control the stimulant release in GeoMax®. The constant, solid appearance of Geoduck is due to the DNA make up.The tricky part was to transpose the stimulant into GeoMax® with just enough on-demand erectile durability but without the risk of a constant state of ridgidity.

I am delighted MG Performance have made a long term commitment to work with my department.Together we can ensure the quality of Geoduck hyperphisia extract for GeoMax® is maintained for years to come.

RJ Taylor Phd.MD.MSTP Consultant Analyst

Extract of the monster-mollusc ‘Geoduck’ can guarantee solid erections on demand and increase your penis size by up to 6cm.

Deep-sourced to deep penetration in just 4 steps

Only mature, organic Geoduck DNA

Step One
Only mature, organic Geoduck DNA can be used for effectual penis enhancement. Farmed Geoduck WILL NOT have the desired effect. GeoMax® formula is NOT created with with inferior, farmed Geoduck.

Step 2

Step Two
Mature Geoduck is in an almost constant state of ‘erection’. The key to its size is the sexual stimulant gland at the base of the clam. It is this gland – the Hyperphisia – which gives Geoduck such impressive scale.

Step 3

Step Three
The DNA from mature Hyperphisia is extracted and transposed into GeoMax® to reproduce stature, solidity and potent durability in the penis. GeoMax® is 100% natural with NO side effects.

Step 4

Step Four
With GeoMax®, it is possible to enjoy up to 5 erections in one night with full, explosive and voluminous ejaculations every time. Very large erections are natural and guaranteed.

Geoduck is the largest, deepest burrowing clam in the world. Being so elusive means Geoduck can reach up to 160 years of age. DNA extract from its sexual gland can also create oversized scale in your penis.

Before and After

Frequently asked questions...

Q: Is there a limit to how many capsules I can take?

A: No. You will need to take one capsule per day to begin the gradual increase in your penis size. An additional capsule taken shortly before sexual activity will add further potency to trigger erectile response. You must only take one capsule at this stage but you can repeat this step for as many erections as you wish.

Q: What makes the Geoduck mollusc look so phallic?

A: It’s no coincidence that the appearance of Geoduck is like a huge penis. The hormone gland in Geoduck is so potent that it sends a constant stream of stimulants to the body of Geoduck. The effect on this ‘monster erection’ has been reproduced in GeoMax®, to replicate its powerful rigidity for repeated, on-demand and heightened sexual performance.

Q: Is there a risk of my penis getting ‘too big’?

A: No, not at all. However, penis size is dependent on individuals so one man can react differently to the next. The potency of our DNA extract formula is guaranteed to significantly increase penis size. We have customers with penis length increases ranging between 3cm and 6cm. Increases in bulkcircumferance range between 1.5cm to 5cm.

Q:Is ‘5 times a night’, as promised, really possible?

A: Yes. The capacity for erections is increased on two fronts: one, the extract of Geoduck hormone ensures controlled repetition; secondly, the cell structure of Geoduck extract is replicated within GeoMax® to stimulate penis proportions.

Q:Will my penis also be bigger when I’m not aroused?

Cell coding for stimulation is what gives Geoduck its ‘monster size’. The DNA structure has been modified for GeoMax® to increase penis size when aroused but also to maintain tissue density when in a relaxed state. This results in a permenantly larger penis in a relatively short period of time.

‘...repeated, on-demand and heightened sexual performance’.

Geo Max

Testimonials from Three very satisfied, existing customers

Ian Harris
(57 years of age from Chester)

I could not believe the effect GeoMax had on me. I’d had trouble getting an erection for about two years, but now I don’t have any problems whatsoever. Also, I’m literally 5cm bigger now than I was a month ago. Incredible...

Ian Harris (57 years of age from Chester)

David Carter (Stoke-on-Trent)

For the last few years I’ve really struggled to regularly achieve an erection. Even when I have managed to, it didn’t last very long. The more I worried about things, the worse I felt so inevitably failed to please my wife. I’ve been using GeoMax for a month now and can’t tell you what a transformation it has made to my erections! They’re bigger, harder and last as long as I want. I had no idea it would be so good. Thank you so much.

David Carter (Stoke-on-Trent)

Kerry Mayfield (Salisbury) husband and I split last year. I’d been seeing someone else only because my ex couldn’t satisfy me any more. My new man’s penis was so big and hard I couldn’t get enough of him. He told me he used GeoMax and showed me all the info you sent to him about the clam. All I can say is I just had to tell you the orgasm I get as soon as he enters me is incredible. What’s amazing is he can go again in no time at all. The pleasure I get from him really is overwhelming.

Kerry Mayfield (Salisbury)

Geo Max